The Naso Organization is a family committed to real estate excellence.  Great people that produce great homes.

- John DiNaso (Contractor)

There aren’t enough words to describe the great experience I had with Frank Naso and the Naso Organization.  They provide a genuine product that represents how they run their business.  Frank Naso is a very knowledgeable, honest, and a true professional.  He never hesitated to answer my questions.  He provided great communication and built my home as if it was being built for his own family.  The Naso Organization builds quality homes and stands by their product.  I would recommend them to anyone and I will only use Frank Naso and The Naso Organization when I want to build my next house.

- Andrea (Homeowner)

I’ve been here almost 8 months with my wife and kids.  It’s a beautiful community.  The neighborhood is nice.  My neighbors are all great people.  When it comes down to management, if there’s a problem they jump right on things and its fixed.  I love it here.  Most of all, my kids love it here.

- Earl (Tenant)