Hurricane Sandy Assistance

Hurricane Sandy Assistance

On Monday, November 5th,  several leaders of the Staten Island business community met to form a coalition to guide those who have been severely affected by the storm.

REBUILD SI has prepared an informational package with available assistance and useful tips for residents and businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy. These packets will be distributed door-to-door next week but we urge everyone to start spreading the word now:

When you begin demolition, repairs, renovation or reconstruction, please keep these important tips in mind:

1) Before you begin demolition, photograph all damage and file a claim with your insurance company and FEMA. If your home is in unlivable condition, make sure all power, water and gas has been turned off before starting demolition, and please use extreme caution.

2)Verify that your contractor is licensed and registered with the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. You can look them up here  If they are not registered, DO NOT HIRE THEM!

3) You can download a standard contract here  . Use this contract as your agreement with your contractor.

4) Verify what your contractor is bonded for, and make sure their insurance is current for the duration of your repairs! Most only hold a $15,000 bond. That may not be enough for the repairs you need. Look for contractors who hold larger bonds.

5) DO NOT under any circumstances hire out of state contractors. If they are not registered with NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and you will likely get ripped off. Be diligent, be educated and review any contracts closely before committing. If something is questionable in a contract or if they require a large deposit prior to starting the job, please contact the Department of Consumer Affairs (dial 311).

For more information on local contractors, or to find someone to conduct a damage assessment, please call the NARI-Staten Island Home Improvement Contractors Office at(718) 356-2323

If you require a builder, please call the Building Industry Association of NYC, Inc. at (718) 720-3070

If you are a business and require a generator or sump pump, please complete this application here  , and fax it back to SIEDC at 718-477-0681 or email it . If you do not have fax or internet access, please call 718-477-1400 and they will be happy to assist you.

If you need temporary housing or office space, please call Staten Island Board of Realtors (SIBOR) at (718) 979-0007

If you need assistance from licensed NYC electricians, please call the Association of Electrical Contractors (AEC) at (718) 752-0800

If you are a business and need a U.S. Small Business Administration Loan, please call the Staten Island Small Business Development Center at CSI at 718-982-2560

If you are a business with other issues or concerns regarding the Hurricane Sandy Relief effort, please contact the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce at (718) 727-1900, or contact the Staten Island Economic Development Corp. (SIEDC) at (718) 477-1400